A leading firm in intellectual property and patent litigation.

We represent both patentees and parties challenging patent rights in patent litigation.

Our attorneys have overseen patent litigation in several foreign jurisdictions on behalf of South African-based patentees. We have also represented clients in leading cases on trade marks, co-authorship in copyright, and company name disputes.

Intellectual Property Law Reports

Based on the judgments reported in Burrell’s Intellectual Property Law Reports (reporting matters which have been heard in court and resulted in a judgment) since 2005:

Our firm has acted in more pharmaceutical patent disputes than any other law firm in South Africa;

Our firm has acted in the 2nd most patent disputes overall (following closely on the largest intellectual property law firm in South Africa); and

On a per-attorney basis, our attorneys have acted in far more patent litigation matters than those of any other law firm in South Africa.

A considerable amount of our recent South African patent litigation has been on behalf of generic pharmaceutical companies. We have advised generic pharmaceutical clients on many successful at-risk product launches. Products involved include imatinib, escitalopram, ciprofloxacin, clopidogrel, perindopril, fluticasone/salmeterol combination, and fexofenadine, in respect of which we are on record as having represented generic companies in litigation.