We regularly file applications for registered trade mark protection.

In South Africa

We represent a wide range of clients, ranging from small start-up businesses to large corporations, in a very broad range of industries and sectors. We understand that there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” approach, and that each client’s business is unique.

In our practice, we always try to understand the main focus of our clients’ business. By doing so, we are able to identify the goods and/or services to which our client’s trade mark will apply, and we can advise on the best filing strategy for the broadest possible protection, without incurring unnecessary cost.

Our litigation experience has taught us to anticipate the pitfalls of trade mark filings, and all new instructions are reviewed by an attorney to ensure that the application is in order.

In the rest of Africa

We have developed relationships with local agents in most African countries, and we are well placed to assist our client’s in protecting their trade marks in Africa.

In the rest of the world

We have secured trade marks for our clients in various countries around the world, as is apparent from the map here. We have also assisted our clients with oppositions and litigation matters in foreign countries with the assistance of our foreign agents, with whom we have a long standing working relationship.