Our Advantage

We are a small firm, with a big track record.

Experienced Team

Each of our directors has previously worked at large firms, and we do not believe that big firms offer any advantage for most clients.

Our experience is that “economies of scale” are a myth, and that big firms are typically bloated and inefficient.

Fewer Conflicts of Interest

As a small firm, we also have fewer conflicts of interest between clients. There are relatively few intellectual property law firms in South Africa, with 3 or 4 larger firms handling the work of the overwhelming majority of rights holders. Conflicts of interest are thus a common feature of intellectual property practice in South Africa.

Whilst the larger firms try hard to downplay the issue, the fact of the matter is that there are several very capable intellectual property law firms in South Africa, and clients need not put up with actual or potential conflicts of interest.

As a smaller firm, we are less likely to act for competitors than would be the case with one of the “big” South African law firms. 

Reasonable Rates

We are cost competitive, although we do not aim to be the cheapest in the market.

We offer our services at reasonable rates, and we believe that the only way to offer these services at lower cost would be to reduce the time and attention given to each job – which we do not believe would be in our clients’ interests.

Please read more about our fees for incoming agency work from foreign clients –  Schedule of Fees 2020 (pdf)

Personal Attention

In our firm, all substantive work is handled by a qualified professional, who is a director and shareholder of the firm.

This means that all work passing through our firm gets personal attention from a person who is experienced, and has an interest in a continuing relationship with the client.